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Title: "How To Reach & Merge With God"
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Date Given: April 26, 1972         
Given By His Holiness: M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him)
Significance: One of the 3 Gifts Given To Us On "The One Good Day In 100 Years"

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Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.  In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.  Al-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu.  Wa 'alaykum al-salam wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuhu kulluhu.  May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessing of God be upon us all.  May God help us all.
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Original Version - of Spiritual Discourse 02

His Holiness teaches us:

If you want to meditate on God, and if you want to reach God, then please listen to the instruction that I am going to give you now.

Like what I explained earlier (in the morning), about how you should surrender yourself totally to the Guru, you must take every word of the Guru and then stamp it in your heart.

(Note 01: the earlier discourse referred to by His Holiness was given earlier on the same day, on April 26, 1972, in the morning, which is the first discourse by His Holiness recorded in this on-line "Library of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen", and has been given the title, Spiritual Discourse 01, "How To Merge With The Guru", which you can access now, if you like, by clicking on the following: Spiritual Discourse 01.  Also given on the same day, April 16,1972, the day Bawa referred to as "The One Good Day In a 100 Years", was a beautiful song, which has been given the title, Spiritual Song 01, "The Kalimah Song", and can also be accessed now, if you like, by clicking on the following: Spiritual Song 01)

His Holiness teaches us:

Do not think that these are merely words.  Do not think it is just a speech or a song or a poetry or just words.

These are words that come straight from God Himself, and these are not the things that you might have learned in the past.  It is His resonance, and it is His sound, and it is His vibration that comes.  Each sound is His resonance, it is His vibration, and it comes from the divine grace of God.

This is the vibration, this is the sounds that Gabriel (peace be upon Him) brought to each one of His prophets as commandments and as laws.

These divine sounds descend to the perfect Guru.  These sounds are the sounds that come from God directly to the Qutb or to the Qutbiyyat, and from the Qutbiyyat these sounds are given to the disciples.

These sounds come as a result of those who have attained the grace of God, and the truth of God, and have attained to the station of Qutbiyyat.

Such a Guru, a Guru who gets His direct communication (from God), the direct vibrations from God, and is able to transmit these direct vibrations to others, is extremely rare in this world.

This state is extremely rare, and these words that come from the divine vibrations is also extremely rare.

This perfect Guru, this Gnostic Guru or the Qutb, gets this from the primary source of God as sounds and vibrations, and He transmits these to His disciples in that same form, with that same Power.

If your heart is like the perfect mirror, where it has the mercurial coating and the polish of the mirror, then these words and these vibrations will penetrate this mirror and would be seen or would be heard in its reflection.

These are not merely words, they are the divine light, they are the light and vibrations of His grace, and of His resonance.

Depending on how we receive these vibrations, and how we keep them in our heart, it is going to give us Its Power.

If you want to understand the secret of the Guru, if you want to understand the age of the Guru, if you want to understand the secret of these vibrations, and if you want to understand the Divine vibrations, you cannot understand them in your present way.

If you want to understand that, then you must fall into that stream, into that pond, which is the heart of the Guru.

It is only when once you fall into His heart that you will be able to understand the meaning of His words.

You might be able to understand His age.  You might be able to understand the meaning of the sounds, or you might be able to understand the things that come out of Him.

Like if you go in the presence of a mirror, and if you stand in front of a mirror, it shows your own reflection. Like that, if you come in the presence of the Guru, and when you stand in front of the Guru, what you see is your own self, your own ignorance, your own monkey mind, and your own characteristics. You see your own self.

You don't see the Guru. You only see yourself. Like if you stand before a mirror you see your own reflection. If you stand before a Guru you will see these aspects of yourself. The Guru will, like the glass, which through its polish, will be able to reflect your own image. 

What the Guru will do is, He will smile, His smile is like the reflection, and He will smile at you, and give you back what your characteristics and your qualities are. He will not reveal Himself to you in that state. What He will do is He will reveal you own monkey mind, (the) spectacle of your vision and your desires. He will return you and ask you to go back with those things that you have seen of yourself. He will not reveal Himself to you.

But if we use (our Iman), our faith, our certitude and our determination. and absorb all the words that come from the Guru, from day to day, and then in that state (of Iman), if we surrender to His divine truth, then it is only in that way that He is going to transmit His vibrations, His grace and His power to you.

But there is a secret to this. Like with your wisdom, (with your current state of consciousness, that is, with your intellect, your intelligence), you will not be able to realize God, you will also with your wisdom, (with your current state of consciousness, that is, with your intellect, your intelligence), you will never be able to realize this perfect Guru or the Qutb.

This Gnostic Guru has two forms. One is what you see as the body with your intellect, with your intelligence. (The other is) the light body which you see (through your Iman), through your faith, certitude, your conviction, your determination, and your wisdom. That is the second form that the Guru has, a light form.

What you will see (depends on this, depends on) whatever weapons you use. If you use your intellect, if you use your mind and your desires to see Him, you will see Him in that reflected form. But if you, (with your Iman), with your certitude, faith, determination and conviction, absorb the words of the Guru, and in that form (of Iman) if you surrender yourself totally to the Guru, then you will see Him in His light form.

Like that, you have two forms or two bodies. One is the world of maya which consists of the five elements and the five senses. That body will show you the world, the glitters of the world, the various spectacles that you see with your vision, the things that you see with your mind and the things that you desire.

But if you want to see the other form that you have, that each disciple has, (which is your light form), then he has got to first surrender himself (with Iman), with the conviction, faith, certitude and determination, (to the truth, to the truth that God alone exists), and (in this way), completely surrender himself in that state (of Iman to the Guru).

When you surrender with this determination, (with this Iman), to the truth, it is like truth surrendering to the truth, and when you do that, then you will be able to see your own light form.

When he surrenders himself in that way, in truth, (then he will be successful and victorious in his life, then his wisdom will reason over his fate, then he will see the 18,000 universes, his body, and everything else within him, as His Holiness next describes in this discourse).

(Note 02:  please click on the following if you would like to read a brief summary by this child, by Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler), of this concept of "Truth Surrendering To Truth", which is key concept in this discourse, and in the life and teaching of our Father, Shaikh Muhammad Rahim Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him), and of His Children (may God be pleased with each of Us):
Spiritual Topic 03
, or continue below to read the rest of this beautiful discourse by His Holiness).

His Holiness teaches us:

Then (if the disciple does this correctly, if "truth surrenders to truth" within him, then) he would see the world, the 18,000 universes, his body and everything else; maya and illusion, and the 18,000 worlds, and darkness and the five elements and the five senses, and the mind and the form of the monkey mind, and the dog of desire and its form, and the darkness of the external vision, and its various forms, and the lights in it, and the ignorance and the lack of wisdom, and wisdom and truth.

The Guru will show you all this within yourself, inside your body, in the form of visions, in the form of spectacles, and in the form of wisdom, he will show you all these forms.

He will show (you), in addition to what your mind, your desires and your external vision has already perceived, he will show you the other 17,000 universes. He will show you, and He will make you understand, this world, the world of hell, the world of heavens, the world of maya, and the world of your body.

He will explain this to you, and He will also show you the path by which you can reach God. The path by which you could, through your wisdom, and through His grace, be able to reach and merge with God.

What is the light that illuminates our (path of) wisdom? (They) are the divine words that come from the Guru. So that we have got to take these words and keep it imprinted permanently in our heart. When this light of this wisdom becomes perfection then it becomes the Nur.

When this perfection comes within you, then this perfection lights the beauty of your heart and the countenance of the face with its perfection, with the Nur, and with that you will able to see everything in all the entire universes.

He may say different things of the different worlds and when he says certain things of certain worlds, then what happens, is that you have got to absorb the words that he says and fix it in the mirror of your heart, and at the time when you want to perceive that particular world, then you would be able to perceive it through that wisdom, and through that knowledge, that he has been conveying to you through words.

You will be able to see your body, you will able to see the world, you will be able to see the four quadrillion glitters in this earth. You will be able to see the four quadrillion deities which represent the four quadrillion glitters of this earth. You will be able to see these four quadrillion deities which are worshipped as equals of God.

Every word of the Guru that you take, and you imprint it on your heart, on the heart of your wisdom, becomes the divine map that is drawn. The map that will show you everything that need be shown, and the path which you should reach God, and it will be all given in that map.

The world that he says in his words should be mapped in the heart of your wisdom, and then when he speaks about the hell and the heavens, these should be mapped in the heart of your wisdom. When he speaks about the body and the five elements and the five senses, this should be mapped in the heart of your wisdom.

When he talks of this, of the light form of your body, you must draw this map and fix it or imprint this map in the heart of your wisdom, knowing what the map of the body contains, and what maya is, and also you must know what this light form of your body is, and what the grace of God is.

You must also know the seventy battalions of monkeys that go to form the mind. That should be mapped in your wisdom. Then you must understand and map it in your wisdom the 105 million types of desires which represent the desire of the dog. The body which is the world of maya, and spectacle of vision which is the world of darkness, should also be mapped out in your heart. All these things must be mapped out and imprinted in your heart.

Like this, the millions and millions of things that the Guru might speak of, if these things are imprinted in your heart, then the Guru who now resides in your wisdom as the Divine Luminous Wisdom, when your wisdom now asks this Guru who is within your wisdom, as God is within The Guru.

Then when you surrender, and become the Truth that lies within the wisdom, when that wisdom begins to emanate, (to make its presence known within us), when you ask your wisdom certain questions, then the Guru that lies within that wisdom, he will immediately explain anything that you want.

Whether you want to see them or whether you want to ask any questions and get answers back, he will do this intuitively. He will give you the meaning of things that you want. He will show you things that you want and he will reveal everything that you want of the things that you ask of him.

Then he will show the God who is within the Guru and the Guru within your wisdom, and you as truth within the wisdom, as one. He will show that these three are one.

But if you don't map out in the correct way that you should do it, if you do not map out every word of what the Guru says, the divine vibration that he gives you in that map, then you will not know the path to go to God, and to reach Him.

So this word map that the Guru gives you is The Map by which you could see all the things that you want to see, and it is also the path by which you could see God and reach Him.

You must draw this map in a perfect manner. Every word that comes from the Guru, everything that comes from the Guru, your hearts must be ready to receive and get it imprinted on it.

On the other hand if you don't use your wisdom to have these words imprinted on the permanent map in your heart, but you use your mind, your desires, and your external visions to receive this, then what will happen, is these words will reflect back and go back to your place of birth. So that if we try to map this out with our mind, our desires and our vision, then this is going to return to our place of birth.

But on the other hand, (with our Iman), with our firm determination, with our faith, with our certitude and conviction, if we absorb the words of the Guru and imprint these words of the Guru in the heart of our wisdom, then that map becomes permanently fixed in it, and is going to serve you the purpose for which you are searching.

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